How We Work

We believe in transparent and authentic dealings with our clients. If repaying your debt is your ultimate goal we work to find and implement programs that offer you a defined payment agenda and the cash flow so that you can meet your different financial obligations.

The frequently asked question from the payers is why we are collecting the debt instead of the actual lending organization, firm or individual.

When the original lender does not get the payment of the amount lent for a definite period of time, it may choose to close the account and hand it over to the third party collection company with a right to collect the debt. This is where our role comes into picture as a third party debt collection company.

Debt Recovery Solutions by KapsPro

We aim at assisting you as a business to recover your outstanding debt via our best business methodologies and the cutting-edge third party collections technology. Top level of compliance, performance and consumer satisfaction is what we guarantee.

Amicable Collections

We deliver amicable yet professional debt collection services through our non-contentious solutions to help you encourage and maintain affirmative working associations with your clients. You remain worry free to concentrate on your core business by simply outsourcing your debt recovery process to us.

Legal Action on Your Behalf

We possess an expert Legal Collections team to assist you in taking over the challenges of initiating legal actions against your nonpayers.

Our legal team will also help you with the professional legal consulting for the viability and results of your legal action.

However, our amiable approach ensures that there is least requirement of legal actions.

Why us for compliance and results?

Highly Professional Team: Our Collection team possesses more than 15 years of experience in the collections agency industry with hands on experience in key specialty areas of collection industry.

Compliance: We adhere to a strict compliance culture to benefit you from professionals who are unfailingly committed to do the right things to make sure that you exceed your own expectations.

Excellence Guaranteed: We strongly believe in delivering extraordinary results, so we make sure that all of our operations from back office to front office thrust the borders of process, method and technology.

Amiable Approach: With our empathetic and amiable approach, we closely listen to and work with customers to simplify payment and generate mutual benefits.

Highlights of our Collection Services

  • Transparency of progress through round the clock web-based reporting
  • Quick remittance of collected funds with no delay
  • Least legal actions required
  • Our charge on the basis of, “no collection, no commission”
  • Substantial use of data and behavioral science
  • Proved commitment to leading business uprightly
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